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    The Bailiwick of Guernsey nestled in the Gulf of St. Malo offers a vast number of differing ways for visitors to spend their leisure. Whether you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing break to really explore the islands or your time is limited and you want to get the maximum from your stay then Guided Guernsey can help you to make the most of your visit.

    We offer tailor made guided tours on Guernsey and the neighbouring islands of Herm and Sark to suit your interests and at your pace, hosted by a Visit Guernsey Gold Accredited Guide.

    You will see the islands from a different angle and we feel confident that you will be enchanted by the islands natural beauty and fascinated by their history and unique relationship to the Crown which is presented in an informative but easily digestible way. We cater for all visitors whether you wish to travel on foot, by car or coach, in all seasons. The spring feast of wild flowers, gorse clad cliffs and lush green lanes; the colour in the granite cottage gardens and water-lanes running down the lush wooded valleys to the south coast bays in summer; and the spectacular views of the foaming waves pounding the outcrops of rocks and shoreline in winter give the island a unique magnetism in all seasons and are sights that remain in the visitor's mind long after they have returned home.

    With over thirty years experience working in the travel and tourism industry, our service offers a high degree of professionalism blended with enhancing visitors time and expectations of the islands in order to enable them to get far more out of their visit, however long or short. We endeavour to ensure that our clients see what they would like to see and do not miss viewing and hearing about aspects of island life past and present which are hidden from a surface glance. Professional guiding services for groups, small parties or individual bookings available from our VisitGuernsey Gold Accredited Guide. Client base includes British Isles, Europe, South Africa, North America, Russia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.





    Operated by Fellow of Institute of Travel & Tourism

    & Member of Guernsey Chamber of Commerce

    Popular Tours & Walks include:

    •   Golden Guernsey
    •   Heart of the Island
    •   Country Charm
    •   Guernsey - 
                  The Green Island
    •   Green Lane Gambol 
    •   Many a Menhir

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